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Crispy Fried Chicken Skin? No Thank You!!

Hi everyone! Sorry this post is coming a little later than usual but class didnt end til later today then I had to run home, eat lunch and then run back out to the grocery store to grab one last ingredient for tonight’s dinner! (you will see that later though!)

For starters, I switched up my usual banana/walnut/peanut butter oatmeal this morning by adding a chopped apple instead as the fruit. It turned out pretty good- sort of like a big bowl of peanut butter on apples (one of my favorite snacks!) but I think I still prefer the creaminess of the banana with the oats more. I ate my usual snack around 9:30 then didn’t get to eat lunch until I got home at 1:30! I was so hungry! Today was chicken day at school and we had to de-skin and de-bone 2 whole chickens…I was up to my elbows in chicken goop for most of the morning, and let me tell you, it’s so much harder than they make it out to be when you have to take every single little bone out and make it look all pretty like the already packaged boneless, skinless breasts you buy at the grocery store! Next week for my final exam in that class I have to produce perfectly boneless skinless chicken breasts and thighs out of a whole chicken, so today was just for practice. I cut myself with my boning knife also and that’s no fun….

but anyways, on to lunch!

I resisted the fried chicken fat (seriously!!) that the Chefs were frying up at school. They basically just took all our leftover chicken fat and fried it up so it looked like little pork cracklings! gross!!! We also made Chicken Breasts Chausseur (a classical style chicken dish with a rich reduction sauce and mushrooms) and stuffed chicken thighs. I tasted the sauce for the Chausseur and it was tasty, but very very rich!! of course!

When I got home I made my own lunch…I tried a new product today called “Yve’s Meatless Lettuce Wraps” because I saw them featured in a self magazine a while ago. I put 2/3’s cup of it on top of 1 cup of baby spinach and drizzled a little low fat organic salad dressing on top. I also had 2 tablespoons hummus (beginning to see a trend? hummus is one of my favorite foods!!) with about 6 baby carrots and 15 kashi crackers. I had 4 ounces of fage 0% yogurt with a bit of raspberry preserves in it on the side. In the picture you will see an orange but I actually swapped that out for a banana, bringing my entire lunch to about 528 calories. It was okay. I wouldn’t buy the meatless lettuce wraps again and I threw out the rest…I just don’t like processed things very much and thought this might be different but it wasn’t. Its just the texture that really bothers me I think. It was tasty, but I would rather have whole, natural foods! Oh, well.

I’m doing a bunch of cooking/baking here this afternoon as well as hitting the gym for the weight lifting later on. I have tons of recipes to write for school tomorrow and cleaning to do as well! There’s always something! Good thing I’m super excited about the dinner I’m making tonight…..I can’t wait to show you!!

Here are some pictures 🙂


huge pile of chickens my team “broke down” (de-boned, de-skinned..the works) today. I broke down 2 of these…cutting my finger while I was at it! yuck!


A heart attack waiting to happen….fried chicken skin. no thanks!


My lunch…note that I did swap out the orange for a banana at the last second 🙂 I love bananas!

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