It Must Be Love

Last night’s pizza:

Tonight’s pizza:

A world of difference.
I love my fair share of fancy food. I do. Foods like truffles and pork belly make my heart swoon. But I’ll tell you—when it comes to pizza just give it to me straight. I don’t want your white base, your cracker-thin crust, your exotic toppings that I can hardly pronounce. What I do want is mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce…and lots of it…dough that is so thick and fluffy that it makes you believe in white flour all over again.

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    June 30, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Amen Sister! Can’t beat just good pizza! try to make it fancy and it takes away what makes pizza amazing- that it’s simple and always hits the spot

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    June 30, 2010 at 8:43 pm

    girl. go to berkeley. two words: FAT SLICE.

    • Reply
      July 2, 2010 at 12:07 pm

      noooo fat slice hurts the body…don’t do it. unless you’re heavily intoxicated and don’t know the difference.

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    June 30, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    Haha I know that most Italians think that thick crust pizza is a blasphamy but sometimes it really does hit the spot

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    June 30, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    Love the blog! And I’ve been craving Pizza for a few days now and after seeing this, I think I’m going to have to indulge soon enough. Yum!!!

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    June 30, 2010 at 9:02 pm

    is that round table? if so, it’s definitely my classic favorite too!

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    June 30, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    Well, I was gonna say “amen to that” but you already beat me to it πŸ˜‰

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    June 30, 2010 at 9:09 pm

    You’re awesome.

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    June 30, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    lol, well said! Thick crust is where it’s at!

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    June 30, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    Yum, that pizza looks good! I was totally wanting pizza tonight but decided to take the crust and make cheese stuffed breadsticks instead.

  • Reply
    Lisa (bakebikeblog)
    June 30, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    I seriously have the biggest craving for pizza! Must rectify that asap!

  • Reply
    Allie (Live Laugh Eat)
    June 30, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    You’ve got me craving pizza with that dough comment. Mmmmm I’m gonna dream about sinking my teeth into soft, chewy dough tonight. Drooool!

  • Reply
    June 30, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    Totally with Monica on this one – your awesome.

    Totally made my moment – crust, red sauce and cheese.

    And lots of it .

    Every day.

  • Reply
    June 30, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    scratch that… ZACHARYS. in berkeley. i meant to say that but i always get that and fat slice confused.

    • Reply
      July 2, 2010 at 12:08 pm

      oh FEWH. I saw that fat slice comment and was a bit horrified. I second Zachary’s! (Stay AWAY from fat slice, it hurts)

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    June 30, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    I tend to agree with you, but that’s still not quite pizza. I’m from Philly so I want my pizza slice so big I have to fold it, and I want it dripping with greasy cheese.

    I haven’t found real pizza since I moved to California!

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    June 30, 2010 at 9:37 pm

    i dig a thin crust pizza, not gonna lie. but that looks like round table and i miss round table like whoa. it’s pretty sad that i can recognize a pizza, isn’t it? i almost hope i’m wrong.

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    June 30, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    I agree the thicker the better!! I’m not a huge deep dish pizza fan but I do love me some gooey dough. I had thin tonight and the toppings were WONDERFUL but not so satisfying and filling. YUM.

  • Reply
    Heather (Heather's Dish)
    June 30, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    i’ll second that amen πŸ™‚ nothing beats a fabulous pizza!

  • Reply
    Laura (Starloz)
    June 30, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    i want thin pizza, simple toppings!

  • Reply
    Courtney (Pancakes & Postcards)
    June 30, 2010 at 11:31 pm

    Word, girl. I had a similar pizza last weekend (to your first one) and while it made me less hungry… it was NOT pizza. Even if its okay, that doesnΒ΄t mean it counts as pizza.

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    June 30, 2010 at 11:31 pm

    Make your way over to Occidental. It’s tiny tiny and not too far from Santa Rosa.
    Get a table outside at the Union Hotel.
    Consume breadsticks that make your heart flutter.
    And then the pizza that will make your heart stop.
    πŸ™‚ Take my word for it!

    • Reply
      July 1, 2010 at 9:01 am

      FYI, Union Hotel restaurant has a location in Santa Rosa now. Not sure if the pizza differs or not, just thought i’d mention it πŸ˜€

  • Reply
    June 30, 2010 at 11:32 pm

    You speak truth. πŸ˜€

  • Reply
    Freya @ Brit Chick Runs
    June 30, 2010 at 11:43 pm

    I feel like such a weirdo – I just don’t like pizza!

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 12:00 am

    Funny story: I don’t like pizza. At all. How weird is that?

    But glad you enjoy it! πŸ˜€

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 12:40 am

    I thought you loved that pork belly pizza! That seems pretty gourmet to me! I like both types, but nothing beats a thin crust pizza in Rome- they definitely know how to make it taste like love over there.

  • Reply
    Jessica @ How Sweet It Is
    July 1, 2010 at 3:31 am

    Give me some bacon on it and I’ll be happy!

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 3:57 am

    I love both types of crusts but your second pizza DOES look better than the first! πŸ™‚

  • Reply
    Lindsay @ The Ketchup Diaries
    July 1, 2010 at 4:06 am

    Ain’t nothing wrong with a little white flour every now and again!

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 4:22 am

    mmm. pizza. i’m pretty equal opportunity, but my true allegiance will always be with a slice as big as my head that i have to blot the grease off with a napkin. sounds kind of gross, but nothing beats a NY slice.

  • Reply
    Sarah (Running to Slow Things Down)
    July 1, 2010 at 4:26 am

    I love all different toppings, but you’re right. It always goes back to mozzarella cheese and fluffy crusts. :mrgreen:

    Although, I’m kind of into Greek pizza with olives and feta cheese. Or veggie pizzas. Or pizzas with pesto in place of sauce. They’re different, but still amazing in their uniqueness. πŸ˜€

  • Reply
    Diana @ frontyardfoodie
    July 1, 2010 at 4:36 am

    Haha, you’re hilarious. I don’t mind a different pizza every now and again but I love me a Marguerite pizza best.

  • Reply
    Sara @ myfancytuna.blogspot.com
    July 1, 2010 at 4:42 am

    Truth. Sometimes (most of the time) you just need straight up, Americanized pizza.

  • Reply
    Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman
    July 1, 2010 at 4:57 am

    Amen is right! Gimme a good crust with plain tomato, mozzarella, and basil and I’m done.

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 5:07 am

    pizza? of course it’s love

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 5:25 am

    I love your writing style! Keeps me coming back every day:)

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 5:51 am

    There is nothing like a good pizza!

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 5:56 am

    Hmm…I’m the opposite!! I really only like very thin crust pizza. A really basic thin crust margherita pizza with good tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella and lots of fresh basil is perfection for me. They’re hard to find where I live because most of our pizza is traditional but when I have a good one it’s definitely in my top favorite foods.

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 5:57 am

    wow. you are so right πŸ™‚

  • Reply
    Jil @ Peace, Love & Munchies
    July 1, 2010 at 5:58 am

    Though I will admit that I love a thin crust…I still love it when it’s got a little bite to it – when it’s thin…but not so thin that it becomes a cracker! Even though I’m a thin crust girl, at heart, that pizza looks absolutely amazing

  • Reply
    Jessica @ The Process of Healing
    July 1, 2010 at 6:11 am


  • Reply
    Kristin (Salty Tooth)
    July 1, 2010 at 6:11 am

    I feel the need to eat pizza for dinner tonight!

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 6:12 am

    I totally agree with you! It’s not that I don’t like the fancy pizzas. It’s just that I prefer doughy crust and lots of tomato sauce over the other options. Since I try not to partake in pizza everyday, I always feel like I wasted my pizza opportunity when I go for the nontraditional.

  • Reply
    Amanda @ Cakes and Ale
    July 1, 2010 at 6:33 am

    To me, there is no such thing as bad pizza! I do prefer red sauce too… but every now and then a white pizza with clams calls to me.
    Also, I live in Chicago, so I do enjoy a nice, thick, deep dish pie every now and then! The only kind of pizza I don’t like is “medium” crust. You know, like Dominos. Yet again, I won’t turn it down!

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 6:52 am

    Roundtable is my favorite! Fancy pizza is good sometimes but nothing beats Roundtable. Breaks my heart when I’m not living in Cali near one.

  • Reply
    Melissa @ For the Love of Health
    July 1, 2010 at 6:54 am

    I am not big on pizza but lately I have had cravings.
    I agree with what you said about it πŸ™‚
    I love veggies galore!

  • Reply
    Rebecca Hoover
    July 1, 2010 at 7:05 am

    I used to be all about the thick crust and plenyy of cheese, I don’t know how it happened but now I love the thin, brick oven baked pizza’s. Love, love, love them! The first one looks better to me.

  • Reply
    Cynthia (It All Changes)
    July 1, 2010 at 7:06 am

    I prefer the strange toppings on my pizza. I don’t really like the regular stuff. Give me some feta and asparagus with roasted red peppers and I’m a happy girl.

    But pizza topping favorites can be as unique as the people.

  • Reply
    Deva (Voracious Vorilee)
    July 1, 2010 at 7:18 am

    I like thin crust pizza, but not cracker thin – and the more harmonious toppings, the better!

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 7:29 am

    Well said.

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 7:39 am

    you always eat the most amazing looking pizza…i remember when you lived in FL you always had me dying with envy when you would post pictures of amazing looking pizza from greenwise (?i think). yummmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 8:03 am

    I don’t like to load my toppings on my pizza. Cheese pizza with maybe 1 more topping. Simple and delicious!

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 8:07 am

    Those pizzas look awesome!

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  • Reply
    Lizz @ Leading the Good Life
    July 1, 2010 at 8:17 am

    I have to say, I like a thin crust. But red sauce is a must! And I like stinky cheese – like Romano or Parmesan – on top. Mmmmm

  • Reply
    Megan @ Healthy Hoggin
    July 1, 2010 at 8:20 am

    Agreed!!! Soft, chewy crust with lots of tomato sauce and cheese are the ONLY way to enjoy pizza if you ask me!

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 8:27 am

    Me thinks Italy (famous for its pizza, no?) would be your dream?

  • Reply
    Cassie @ Tasteful Tales
    July 1, 2010 at 8:37 am

    Couldn’t agree with you more πŸ˜‰

  • Reply
    Kerri Beth
    July 1, 2010 at 8:40 am

    And mushrooms are the best topping.

  • Reply
    Amber K @ sparkpeople
    July 1, 2010 at 8:44 am

    Amen! The second pizza looks so much better. =)

  • Reply
    Mary @ What's Cookin' with Mary
    July 1, 2010 at 9:03 am

    IS that a Round Table Pizza veggie pizza ?! That’s my fav kind!!

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 9:18 am

    I love all pizza. It doesn’t matter how thick or thin the slice is, I love it all!

  • Reply
    Annie D. @ Annie's Simple Life
    July 1, 2010 at 10:03 am

    I love pizza with GOBS AND GOBS of veggies on it! I’m having pizza tomorrow, in fact!!

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 10:51 am


  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 11:19 am

    I think I might be in the minority because I think the top pizza looks yummier. Are those truffles?

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Have you tried Zachary’s? I always make a point of eating there when I’m up north, and I really miss it sometimes!

  • Reply
    July 1, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    Have you tried Mary’s Pizza Shack? It’s a Sonoma Fave….I haven’t had it in forever, but it used to be pretty good.

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