Beet Pesto Pasta {GIVEAWAY!}

I’m just so excited. I feel like SO many of my lovely friends have cookbooks out this spring and I’m so proud of them! I had been waiting a long time for this book to come out by my sweet friend, Heather Christo, and it did not disappoint. You guys — this is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cookbooks that I have ever seen. The photography is stunning. The recipes are fabulous {so far, I’ve made four things from the book and going strong!}. The day it came out, I immediately hopped on Amazon and bought copies for my mom and one of my best friends. I’m so excited to share Heather’s book with you today. It’s really something special. I feel like when I’m not developing recipes for this site, I’m cooking Heather’s recipes. I’m not kidding. Whenever I don’t know what to make for dinner, I always turn to her because I know she doesn’t disappoint. When something I make is really, really delicious, Adam always asks, “is this one of Heather or Jessica’s recipes?” Yup. It’s true. I have super talented friends, what can I say? I made the beautiful beet pesto pasta recipe … Continue reading Beet Pesto Pasta {GIVEAWAY!}