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Stocking the Freezer for Baby Number Three

Hey everyone!

Prepare yourselves for a long, photo-heavy blog post. 😉 So many of you have been asking what I made in advance for after the baby is born. It’s true — I love a good freezer meal and prepping my freezer is my FAVORITE part of nesting for sure! If I am being honest, I must prefer making freezer meals than setting up a nursery and folding all those little clothes. When I was pregnant with Grayson, we got a deep freezer because our normal freezer just wasn’t going to cut it. Turns out, that was literally the best purchase ever and I’ve had that puppy stocked ever since. 

Since this isn’t my first rodeo, I know afternoons are probably going to be our hardest time of day. Adam usually gets home from work around 6:30-6:45pm so I am on my own until then with the kids (I’m not complaining at all here – it’s just the way it is and the way it’s always been for us). And as much as I love to cook, popping a homemade frozen meal into either the oven, crock pot or Instant Pot is going to save me many evenings as we get used to our new routine as a family of five.

Anyway – here go you! Here’s everything I made minus two things that I totally blanked and forgot to photograph, which are these enchiladas verdes (I froze them “naked” without the sauce and froze the sauce separate so it wouldn’t break) and a creamy kabocha squash and red lentil soup. Many of the soups I made are from the book The First 40 Days, which I HIGHLY recommend if you’re pregnant. I pretty much made myself a week of very nutrient dense soups and stews to cover that first postpartum bit (my mom will be here to cook for the rest of the family). The chicken, red date and ginger soup, kabocha squash and red lentil soup, hearty sausage stew and vegetable recovery stew are all from that book and are optimal for the initial week postpartum while you’re recovering from birth. I’ll let you guys know how it all goes! 🙂

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