What I’ve Read Lately

by jenna on February 25, 2015


I have been the worst slacker ever in the book review department for the past year lately. The thing is, I have been reading…I just haven’t been the best about sharing! But it does seem like you guys enjoy when I write about books because I probably get more emails requesting book reviews than anything else on this site, if you can believe it. Obviously, I don’t read as much as I used to these days but I do like to read a little bit every night before bed or — the best — on the weekends during naptime!

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Classic Strawberry Preserves

by jenna on February 24, 2015

strawberry preserves-0224

I think everyone knows on here by now just how obsessed with canning I am.

Last year, it was my crazy desire to fill an entire pantry in our garage with homemade canned goods. I canned all the way up till the moment my water broke with Grayson and ALMOST filled the cupboard. There were hot pickled carrots, hot pickled okra, bread and butter pickles, apricot jam, raspberry jam, strawberry jam, canned beets, peach salsa, tomato salsa, salsa verde, dilly beans, tomato sauce, whole peeled tomatoes, blueberry butter, apple butter, apple sauce…….the list goes on.


In my opinion, there’s nothing more satisfying than canning fresh produce from the farmer’s market. I’ve been reaping the rewards of my efforts last spring and summer with every bite of juicy tomato canned at the height of tomato season, and every smear of spiced apple butter that I made with the apples we gathered at Apple Hill last fall. Y’all, I’m a pretty simple gal. Other than my family and friends, the three things that make me the happiest are canning, books and yoga.

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February 22, 2015

Yikes! I realize it’s been way too long since my last post and I apologize about that. We’ve had a couple of crazy weeks — the busiest weeks this little family has seen in a very long time, in fact. In a nutshell, it all started with my parents coming to visit for a week […]

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Messy Motherhood, Chapter Two

January 28, 2015

I think I’ve cut back posting on motherhood because I didn’t really realize what a nerve it strikes in some. Like…I don’t feel like I should be judged for how I choose parent my child and I am certainly not looking for any unsolicited advice on how to do so. Also, I don’t judge any […]

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Weekend in Gualala

January 26, 2015

We spent last weekend in one of our favorite seaside towns, Gualala. Adam and I had been craving a beach weekend for some time now and we made a spur of the moment decision mid-last week to just pick up and go on Friday! No time like the present, right? Adam was able to take […]

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Two-Bite Maple Cinnamon Scones

January 22, 2015

This morning I had the overwhelming urge to bake scones. Now, I haven’t baked since I don’t know when — the exact procedure of it all has been deterring me through teething, inconsistent naps and travel. I have been cooking though! I hosted a baby shower brunch for a good friend of mine this past […]

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Grayson Allen: Seven Months

January 8, 2015

Our wild little boy is almost eight months old! It’s hard to believe. This past month was a huge month for us filled with many ups and downs. We had a wonderful time visiting my family on the east coast for Christmas! However, while we were there, Grayson came down with his first ear infection […]

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Holiday Back East

December 30, 2014

We are just getting home from celebrating the holidays with my family on the East Coast! It was quite the trip. We were gone for ten days and split some time between Washington DC, where Adam has an office, and my family’s home in the West Virginia mountains. These Californians were COLD, that’s for sure! […]

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