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by jenna on July 2, 2014


Hi guys!

It’s me – the long lost blogger. I apologize about not posting more right now! I had originally planned to be back in action by now but completely underestimated how consuming a baby is at the beginning! I’m sure you seasoned moms are laughing at that right now – of course a newborn is consuming! like, the most consuming thing ever! Duh, Jenna- but I truly had no idea until I was knee deep in it. I don’t know exactly when I will have a new recipe up for you but I can assure you it will be this month. The good news? I am loving every second of this thing called motherhood. It’s the messiest, hardest, most real thing I think I’ve ever done. The first few weeks were such a daze and I really felt like someone pulled out the rug underneath me, but things have settled down now a bit. Thank goodness.

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Newborn Cloth Diapering – An Update

by jenna on June 23, 2014



I’ve been so excited to write this post because of how much I’ve loved cloth diapering Grayson over the past month!

When we originally announced that we planned to cloth diaper, we had a few people sort of laugh and wonder how long it would last…but it’s going great so far! I can’t express enough how EASY cloth diapering a newborn is. Truly. I was intimidated at first, for sure, but after a few days it became second nature.  For the first week we had been using disposables at night but I found myself constantly changing wet jammies at 4am….not cool. Finally I had it and switched him to cloth full time. We haven’t had a leak since! I would never judge another mama for her diapering choices — that is totally up to you and what works best for your family. I’m definitely not a diaper pro or anything but wanted to share with you guys our experience so far. Hopefully this post can gently encourage you to try cloth if you’ve been debating — it’s so not as scary as it seems! Oh, and our water bill hasn’t changed due to the extra laundry either.

Even though Grayson was a big boy when he was born, we’ve still definitely use out of our newborn size cloth diapers. After three weeks, he was still fitting into them and only now am I transitioning him to size small.

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Grayson Allen: One Month

June 16, 2014

It’s so hard to believe that our little guy is one month old now! Where has the time gone?! This past month has been an absolute whirlwind in every way. I still feel like I’m recovering from the actual birth itself, but feel more and more like myself every day. I know that people say […]

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The First Week

May 28, 2014

Our first week home with Grayson was the best and hardest week of my entire life. I really want to be able to speak honestly about the postpartum period, and it’s ups and downs so please bear with me. I feel like I have so much to say and never have enough time to say […]

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Grayson’s Birth Story

May 21, 2014

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this…that our son is actually here and currently napping on me as I type. My life is completely different than it was a week ago, when I stood in the shower and cried because I wanted him to come so badly. I’m really proud of Grayson’s birth story. It […]

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Meet Grayson Allen Beaugh

May 18, 2014

Grayson Allen Beaugh has arrived! Born on his due date, May 14th, at 9:17pm, weighing 9 lbs and measuring 21.5 inches. A big baby, indeed, much to everyone’s surprise! Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes. We are both healthy and happy — praise God!    

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40 Weeks

May 12, 2014

Well, here we are at 40 weeks and I’m still pregnant! I’m honestly not too terribly surprised since everyone tells me that first babies are usually a week or so late. I had a really great midwife appointment the other day and it seemed like I was making really good progress — I’ve also been […]

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Our Nursery

May 5, 2014

I am definitely one of those crazy people who has had the nursery pretty much done for the past three months. When we moved into our new house in December, one of the most exciting things was having the perfect extra small room to make the nursery in! We absolutely could have made it work […]

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