And she’s stilllll hungry

Well, its about 8:00 wisconsin time (9:00 back home in Orlando) and I am basically ready to hit the sack. but….i’m still hungry!! I really wasn’t hungry all day long because i had such a good breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack, but then when my plane landed here at around 6 and was famished! Pizza really wasn’t filling tonight…it sort of fell apart in the oven (minor disaster) and the crust was NOT how I really like it…it was super duper thin. I love my pizza crust thick! I picked around the pizza and probably totaled eating around 2 of what would be “normal” slices after picking at the crust and the torn apart cheesy middle. I was not full at all after and dove into my grandma’s peppermint ice cream but at only 110 cal. per 1/2 cup it wasn’t bad at all!!! I tried to portion out 1/2 cup as best as I could, ate it, then rested a little bit and about 30 minutes later was STILL hungry!!!! Does this ever happen to anyone else or am I just an eating machine??!!! So I tried to be healthy and ate some apple slices. That filled me up but then my grandma offered me a little cookie too (and when I say little I really mean LITTLE! probably only 1 inch long, looked like it was from williams-sonoma. I figured it could not be any more than 50 cal.—probably more like 30, it was so tiny. I figured my dessert cal. were about 250 tonight with everything included. And that’s on the high side. I like to overestimate because we when estimate calories we often UNDERestimate and therefore gain weight!

I needed those extra 250 though today…it was a long day of traveling and not to mention my 6 mile run this morning! I think I totaled at about 1900 or so which is what I strive for everyday. 1800-1900. So, it all worked out in the end, I just wished I didn’t have to snack as much tonight and that dinner would have filled me up more. sigh. I brought my oats and walnuts though and will be making oatmeal in the a.m. and probably turkey sandwiches for lunch. Of course, since i go to culinary school my grandparents want me to cook dinner tomorrow night and I’ll let it be a surprise as to what I make but I will be posting the recipe. Let me just say, it’s pretty tasty AND healthy! I’m excited! 🙂

Night, folks!

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