Gators, Frogs, Quails—oh,my!

Well, today was wild game day at school!!


Carving the fat off an oxtail!!

That’s right…we cooked up some alligator, frog legs, pheasant, duck, quail, oxtails, rabbit…..not really my cup of tea but it was interesting! My team was in charge of the oxtails, which we braised and then cooked in the oven like short ribs. Rumor was that we also had to cook bear, but then Chef whipped out some bear-shaped christmas cookies instead! That had everyone laughing. I decided to fogo the cookie though because I plan to bake some here later and instead had my usual snack of fiber one + almonds around 9:30. My oatmeal from this morning held me over very well too—I just had the usual with banana, walnuts and natural peanut butter mixed in.


Quail wrapped in proscuitto

Needless to say, I did not eat at school today. Instead I came home and made a very filling and tasty lunch of a gardenburger with one slice of provolone cheese and some honey mustard between two slices of sprouted grain bread. On the side I had one tablespoon of hummus and 5 baby carrots to dip into it. I also had 4 ounces of plain nonfat yogurt with a little jam and some apple slices to dip into that! And if all that weren’t enough, I finished the meal with a small bite of dark chocolate. 🙂 All for about 525 calories!


It was delicious and I feel a lot better! I’m doing a lot of cooking/baking this afternoon…its freezing here-well, freezing for Orlando, that is…its in the 50’s! So I’m going to test out a new cornbread recipe along with cooking up a big bowl of homemade comforting soup for dinner tonight.

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  • mel
    December 17, 2007 at 1:58 pm

    Sick! I don’t know how you stomach cutting up so many animals! haha! that just makes my tummy churn thinking about it!! thanks for answering my questions in such detail last night!! I don’t have a certain time I stop eating at night wither. I usually have a snack before be (which can sometimes be mindnight if I’m busy!!) but I keep it to an apple and pb or yogurt usually! Hope you have a great day! Its 30* in KY today but feels pretty good b/c the sun is shining!!

  • Danielle
    December 17, 2007 at 2:19 pm

    Oh lucky you Mel! It’s bitter cold in New York today but I just got back from a pleasant hour walk with my puppy. She’s such a good motivation to get me bundled and moving, haha! Anyway, I had a question for you Jenna, another one :). What kind of yoga did you do in college and now? I have this great fitness center near me that offers ashtanga, vinyasa and basic hatha for beginners. I’ve tried yoga before so I’m not a complete amateur but I’m not quite sure what I’d be getting myself into with all the choices. What would you recommend? And how often during the week to reap full physical and mental benefits?

  • Cathy
    December 17, 2007 at 2:50 pm

    I am in northern Jersey and it’s freezing here too! That picture of the tail or awful! How did you not get sick! Hehe! 🙂

  • jaweber
    December 17, 2007 at 2:55 pm


    I do ALL kinds of yoga!
    When I was in college I practiced mainly power yoga and hot yoga (bikram…100 degree heat for 90 minutes). Power yoga goes by other names such as yoga flow or vinyasa…its just more strenuous and more hard-core than hatha, which is more relaxing and nurturing. Right now I go to an ashtanga yoga studio about twice a week, which I would recommend more than hatha if you are looking at yoga as more as a workout because it really works your core muscles hard.

    When I lived in Paris I went to the Bikram paris studio about 3X a week and let me tel you, that was a HARD workout and that’s the reason I didn’t gain a pound but ate dessert + wine every single night!!! Bikram is GREAT for you because it releases all the toxins in the body, just be sure to drink enough water! Do you live in new york city? I know for a fact theres a bikram new york studio there if you are interested. its really really intense though!

    I wore my heart rate monitor once to a yoga class a few weeks ago and it said I burned 270 calories but thats just an average…and if you go to a Bikram class I have heard people burn on average about 500-600 calories.

    Vinyasa would be more like a flow class that will incorporate some aspects of ashtanga and other types of yoga in it so that might be a good idea if you are looking for a starting point then you can pick and choose what you want to do!

    i find hatha yoga best when I am physically and mentally exhausted because it really calms me down and relaxes me. Its more stretching than other forms and less intense.

    I would say if you practice yoga even once a week you will reap the benefits every single day….it helps you sleep, it helps you lose weight, it helps you stay calm in stressful situations, it helps firm your tummy, it helps tone your muscles……..the list goes on and on and on. I was thinking about becoming a yoga teacher at one point so that’s why I am so enthusiastic about it! In college I did the “yoga challenge” at my yoga studio where a group of people signed up to practice 6X a week for 2 months. I was in the best shape of my life then and felt my best…so def. try different classes and see what works for you. I think more highly of yoga than any other exercise including cardio and stength training.

    WOW that was so long and I’m procrastinating going to the gym and getting on the elliptical machine while my cornbread rises! I just love yoga! haha 🙂

  • jaweber
    December 17, 2007 at 6:06 pm

    Lucky me, I only have to cut up animals for the next three days!! After Christmas Break I get to go to Baking class for 3 weeks and I’m sooo excited!!!! No more oxtails, rabbit fillets and raw beef for this girl! 🙂