Just what I needed…

In all my exhaustion I was craving a simple dinner of good, wholesome food. I made just that! Today at Whole Foods I picked up a 5 ounce Salmon Fillet (only 4 bucks!) and I sauteed that in a little canola oil and creole seasoning. I also steamed some brussel sprouts and had a baked sweet sweet potato with about a teaspoon of promise light and a generous dash of cinnamon. All together with a small (4 ounce) glass of red wine. It hit the spot and tasted delicious! I usually cook only for myself, so when you read my recipes know that I am cooking for one. I think its so important, even when only cooking for yourself, to use the best food possible and to enjoy the meal you make! You are feeding and nurturing your body and so many studies now tell us that people that eat on the run (in the car, standing up…ect) are more prone to becoming overweight and unhealthy. So, pour yourself a small glass of wine, cook a nice dinner with fresh ingredients and sit down and enjoy it! You deserve it.

Recovery Dinner

(best when you are down, exhausted or just plain hungry for a good healthy meal)

Serves 1

1 5-ounce Atlantic Salmon Fillet, fresh

1 tsp Creole Seasoning

1 tsp canola oil

Season the salmon with the creole seasoning and set aside. In a saute pan, heat the oil on high until it is almost smoking but not quite. Lay the salmon, skin side down, in the pan and turn down the heat a notch to med/high. The oil should be sizzling. Flip after about three minutes. Each side should have a nice golden crust to it.

Serve by itself, or as I did tonight, with a baked sweet potato and steamed sprouts. Don’t forget the glass of wine 🙂

about 480 calories, 8.9 grams of fat including the sweet potato, 8 brussel sprouts and one 4 ounce glass of red wine.

Today on the way home from the grocery store I snacked on a new brand of yogurt I had never tried before but was quite delicious. It’s called Rachel’s and I got the “vanilla chai” flavor. A little on the sweet side, but a nice treat for 160 calories.


Oh, and on a sidenote: I did make it to the gym later this afternoon….I usually run 3 1/2 miles on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I’m trying to rest my leg because I’m getting over shin splints so I just hit the elliptical machine for 20 minutes and the stationary bike for 10 minutes at my apartment’s gym (all well my sweet potato was cooking in the oven—hows that for multi-tasking!) It was a pretty good cardio workout for only getting 2 hours of sleep last night! I just felt like my body was craving some sort of real exercise and sweat since I have done nothing for the past couple days. I’ll get back on my regular exercise schedule soon though, starting with my favorite tuesday ashtanga yoga class tomorrow afternoon!

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