Quick Trip Over!

Well, I’m already back here in Orlando! It was just a very quick trip home this time but I’m so glad that I was able to—as they say, it’s always good to go home. For lunch today I went to my favorite European bakery/cafe and got a blackened salmon sandwich with avocado and tomato on their homemade olive bread! It was amazing but HUGE and I ended up only eating half of the bread because it was so thick! I ate all of the salmon though from inside!

I also bought one of their gingerbread cookies for a little treat later tonight at work because I am obsessed with their gingerbread. There is just something about it that sets it apart from any other cookie I have ever tried (and gingerbread is my favorite type of cookie!)–I asked the chef there for the recipe but they wouldn’t give it to me 🙁 They told me it was a secret! The cookie is huge too though and I like buying them when I can because they last me a couple days. I will eat half of it tonight at work and the other half tomorrow night at work! Yum!

On my drive back to Orlando I ate the other half of my orange from this morning and now I am just sipping on some herbal tea. That sandwich really filled me up at lunch so I don’t feel hungry enough for a big snack…and I have to eat dinner tonight at 5:30 because I have to be at work at 6:30!


Delicious blackened salmon sandwich! (note that it is MUCH bigger in real life!)


The biggest, most wonderful gingerbread cookie of all time!! (SO excited to eat it tonight and have already nibbled off a tiny tiny part… 😉


Christmas picture with Ryan in front of my parent’s tree this morning…

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