Dessert/ Dinner

A Fun Night!

Oh my gosh, dinner was SO good tonight!! My parents surprised Ryan and I with a little early Christmas present—a gift certificate to our favorite nice restaurant here! So, we splurged and ate a really nice dinner and dessert out! I took some great pictures (finally figured out how to use my camera to take close-up pictures of food tonight and now I just need to load them all onto here but that might take me a few days…they will be up eventually though!) and enjoyed really yummy food. I ordered a salad and the seared tuna…it was to die for and I ate most of the 8 ounces that they gave me. I also ate a slice of the amazing bread and tomato-cheese sauce that this restaurant gives everyone when they sit down. It’s like this hot garlic bread with the most amazing cheese sauce ever…It would be wrong if I didn’t have just one slice…so I did! I ate all my salad and my tuna came with a small amount of mashed potatoes that I ate about 75% of. I ate about 80% of the tuna.




Since we were enjoying ourselves so much (and had a gift certificate!) we also ordered dessert, which was the signature apple pie a la mode with a macadamia nut cookie crust. Ryan isn’t too big on sweets but as we all know I love them! We split the piece of pie but I would honestly say that I probably ate most of it. I also drank about 1.5 glasses of wine.


Needless to say, I enjoyed myself very much and know that I ate much more calories than I usually do at dinner but I never feel bad doing this because it was a special occasion! But here’s the part where I was good: after dinner we walked around the corner to this local bar where we met Ryan’s old fraternity brother that was in town for the weekend for some drinks. Since I had wine with dinner I stuck with club soda and lime at the bar! I was very proud of myself but really wasn’t that tempted anyways because I have never been a big drinker and after a glass and a half of wine I was already a little tipsy and knew my body had had enough! I took pictures of everything tonight and like I said they will be up eventually…please bear with me while I make this adjustment to the new site. Once its all up and set I hope you all will like it and it will be worth all the technological headaches it’s giving me now!


Ryan and his favorite: Seafood Manicotti! (it is pretty good, I had a bite!)

Hope everyone had a fun, safe Friday…talk to you in the morning!

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  • Ryan
    December 22, 2007 at 9:31 pm

    Hey I was pretty good too! I only had 2 Beers out! and a plate of manicotti, apple pie, ceasar salad, and all the cheesy bread! and two cocktails! I bet my total calorie count was around 500! Ok, good thing you got me a boxing bag to keep me from becoming too Chubby.