Amazing Pho

Tonight for dinner I went with the healing power of PHO.

For all of you that don’t know what “pho” is….I’m sorry. It’s amazing, it’s cheap and I swear it drives any sickness right out of you. Pho is a traditional Vietnamese beef or chicken soup. When you order it at a Vietnamese restaurant they present you with a HUGE bowl of chicken broth along with a plate that’s heaping with long strands of thai basil, chili peppers, bean sprouts, rice noodles, chicken breast and limes…along with some hot sauce for good measure. You then take this plate of heaven and dump it all into your chicken broth. Squeeze the lime on top and eat with both chop sticks and a big spoon.

I first came across pho when I was in high school and whenever I would get sick I always ordered the “special chicken soup” from the vietamese place down the street. It must be a hole in the wall place–that’s the only requirement. Anyways, this soup was the only thing I ever craved when I got a cold, which was strange seeing as I really don’t care for the Americanized Chicken Noodle Soup. Then…last summer when I lived in Paris I got sick, my professor and another girl from my class took me to Paris’ Chinatown district to get a real bowl of pho. The next day I was healed.

The great thing about pho is that you can make it as hot and spicy as you want. I didn’t want it too spicy tonight because my tonsils are still bright red, but usually when I’m just really congested, I make it super spicy to drive away the cold. Tonight I ventured deep into Orlando’s own form of Chinatown (a little scary, yes) to find a bowl of pho. I even braved rush hour interstate traffic to get it…and I’m sure glad I did! It was wonderful…came from a little hole in the wall place where not a soul spoke english and it only cost six dollars for all that food (which will be my lunch tomorrow!)

Now I’m ready for a cup of tea, a hot bath and pajamas. I still have a bunch more baking homework I have to get done! (I secretly love doing my homework!)




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  • azelma
    January 9, 2008 at 5:54 am

    Hehe, when I feel sick I like to eat some sort of asian soup… preferably one with ginger. I sure don’t want campbell’s chicken noodle either! Funny how it seems to heal you, isn’t it?

  • Grace
    January 9, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    That’s my favorite soup! I always have it when I’m sick with all of the jalopenos. Yum.