Breakfast in the arctic

Brrrr!!! It’s freezing here!!! My thin florida blood is def. not used to this 8 degree weather. The snow sure is pretty though and I think we are expected more tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully not so much though that my flight will be delayed because I cannot miss another day of class on monday! For breakfast I ate the oats I brought from home along with 10 grams of walnuts I brought as well. I made it on the stove with skim milk and water and added a banana (a very small banana) and some vanilla and cinnamon. I also found some honeydew melon in my grandparent’s fridge and ate that on the side. I think my breakfast calories only totaled about 360 though because I didn’t add my usual peanut butter so I really don’t know how long this will hold me. I’m trying not to snack until lunch though. After I ate I walked the dog with my grandfather so I got a littleee exercise in…a very slow walk though! I don’t expect to exercise much in the next day and a half so I’m jumping at these opportunities to walk the dog and do housework. I’m also sure my calories will be lower than normal today so it all works out. I might try to bake this afternoon though…..we will see!!

On the menu tonight:

Chicken Parmesan (from “The Volumetrics Cooking Plan” by Barbara Wells-I’ve never made anything from this cookbook before and am excited to give it a try!)

Ratatouille (stewed eggplant, peppers, zucchini and tomatoes for those of you who don’t know)

Risotto alla Parmigiana

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