Cookies and Present Wrapping

I just had a little dessert while wrapping presents for the family. I ate 2 of the christmas cookies that I baked the other day with a cup of chamomile tea. I like to smear jam on my sugar cookies, hence the picture….it’s just something I’ve been doing since I was little and love!


Tomorrow is going to be sort of a crazy day. I have the family coming in town in the morning and I am actually getting a massage (!) at the hotel that they are staying at. Then, I have to be at work at 5:30 and they are coming to eat at the restaurant with hopes I will get cut and be able to sit with them and have dessert. That’s the wishful plan…the reality is that we have about 300 reservations tomorrow night and I’ll be lucky to get out of there before 10:00. It’s going to be crazy! When I finally go get to leave though I will be going back and staying at their hotel with them and opening presents. Then I’m driving back to Tampa Christmas morning. Wow!

No idea what the food situation will be like tomorrow since it is going to be pretty hectic. I have steel cut oats made for the morning though and defrosted some soup from the freezer for an early lunch before my massage. I guess I will have to find something at the hotel to eat for a very early dinner around 4 before I have to go work! Hopefully I can also fit in an early morning workout as well.

For those traveling tomorrow, please be careful! Have a great holiday and don’t be too hard on yourselves food-wise. Christmas only comes once a year and you will be right back on track in a few days. I will be posting my breakfast and lunch tomorrow and hopefully dinner but that depends on whether the hotel has wireless connection or not.

Edited to add that I also ate a kiwi about an hour or so after the cookies… I’m still hungry! I think that my calories were a bit low today and I also burned about 450 calories on my morning run. Goes to show that a body needs fuel!! 

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