Christmas Oats


This has always been my favorite day of the year! My family is really big on Christmas Eve (hence why they are driving to Orlando just to eat dinner at the restaurant while I work) and I think this is the first time in my entire life I’m not with them right now 🙁 I guess its just the industry I chose–to restaurants, holidays are just another day! Sad! I woke up early this morning and made a big bowl of oats (the same as yesterday-peanut butter, banana, maple syrup) and drank a cup of coffee.

If any of you all are wondering about my switching back from coffee to tea its not because I like either one more or do it for the health benefits really of tea, it’s just because I get bored with one! Living in Europe really changed my life coffee-wise. The coffee there was SO good and SO strong. You could have one cappuccino in the morning and be set for the entire day with energy you never knew you had. When I got back to the States I was so disappointed with the usual Starbucks, which tasted nothing like the Parisian Cafe Cremes I had found I couldn’t live without. I asked “Santa” this year for a Cappuccino/latte maker so I can attempt to make my own 😉 I also love tea though…English Breakfast is my absolute favorite and I always add a splash of milk. I usually drink tea throughout the day as a change from water. Other than breakfast though I always choose decaf tea and coffee, otherwise I would be too wired to go to bed! (I never knew how the Parisians would drink espresso after their dinners at night….I always tried to specify decaf in my broken, high school French but who knows what I actually drank!)

I’m going to clean up around here and pack because once I leave this morning to meet my parents at their hotel I won’t be coming back here for a few days. I’ll still be posting though so keep checking back for that! I have plans to hit the gym for some cardio in about an hour or whenever my oats digest so I can get in a good workout because I know tomorrow there won’t be any exercise at all!

My lunch is going to be so early today…around 10:45…I feel like I’m 90 years old but if I don’t eat all my meals incredibly early on the days I have to be at work at 5:30 the schedule just doesn’t work. I do have a yummy lunch planned though!

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