Gingerbread and Tea

As I said I would do in a bit, I just had dessert. Tonight I ate the other half of my wonderful gingerbread cookie that I bought at the bakery yesterday. Too bad they won’t give me the recipe because I just can’t get my cookies to taste like that! I also had a small cup of tangerine-chamomile tea with a sprinkle of organic sugar in it for sweetness. I sort of alternate off and on using splenda. There hasn’t been enough research done to show that splenda is “bad”, but then again, it’s not sugar in its most natural form so some sort of processing has had to have been done to it. And, like I say—too much of anything isn’t good.  I use splenda in my coffee in the morning but like to use honey or organic sugar in my tea.

Hopefully tonight I can sleep off this sore throat I have! Ugh! Tomorrow’s plans include an a.m. ashtanga yoga class then lunch at home and working at 5:30. I’m not that excited to work tomorrow night because the restaurant is going to be c-r-a-z-y! We already have about 400 reservations on the book and more to come tomorrow, I’m sure. I don’t think I will have to be there later than 10:00 though, so it’s not like I will be standing there till midnight. And…..Ryan is driving over tomorrow night to be with me at midnight so it’s not all that bad 😉 Neither one of us is a huge New Year’s Eve party person so we won’t be doing anything too crazy…perhaps going out for a glass of wine after work or meeting my roommate and her boyfriend somewhere. It depends how my throat feels! To me, New Year’s Eve is just another night really and I have never seen it as an excuse to go get “wasted” and feel terrible the next morning…not that I haven’t done that in the past in college but I think I have sort of matured since then. Haha 🙂

Steel cut oats in the morning! yay!


Dessert calories = probably about 100? Not exactly sure…

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