Dessert/ Dinner

Moderation is the Key!

Hi guys!

Well, its 11:15 and Ryan and I just got back from dinner and a christmas party. It was fun…lots of good things to eat and drink though and I think I did pretty well considering all the chocolate, wine, cookies and everything else that was just laying around! For dinner we went to a really nice restaurant (a little too nice actually…we are on a major budget right now!!) and I ordered a glass of merlot and the grilled tuna that came with jasmine rice and wilted bok choy. It also came with a side salad and I had the dressing put on the side so that I could portion it out the way I liked rather than having it drenched! The tuna was very good but I didn’t really feel satisfied after eating all that food…I was still hungry for some unknown reason! I also ate about 3/4ths of a big soft white dinner roll that came to the table–I just couldn’t say no! (I LOVE bread!)

At the party I drank about another 2 ounces of wine then switched to a diet soda. I never drink sodas, diet or not, but it was that or the wine and I didn’t want anything more to drink so I sipped on some diet dr pepper instead. I would say I drank about a glass and a half of wine during the night. Not so bad considering I went out to dinner and then to a party afterwards! I was proud of myself for showing restraint! But……….they had a chocolate fountain at the party!!!!! With so many good things to dip into it! I had a plate of sliced bananas, strawberries and one small sliver of angel food cake that I dipped into the chocolate and it was so good and satisfying. I don’t regret that at all!

Tomorrow is christmas card picture time with the family then I have to drive back to Orlando to go to work tomorrow night. I’m just glad I got to come back here tonight at least- it was a very nice turn of events!

Here’s some pictures from tonight…sorry if they came out a little blurry, it was the best I could do in the situation!


My grilled tuna dinner as it came to the table…


What was left on my plate when I finished…I ate almost all of the tuna, about 75% of the rice and all of the bok choy. Oh, and I tasted Ryan’s seafood pasta and had a couple spoonfuls of his lobster bisque as well. (The lobster bisque was SO good- I should have ordered that and if we go back I will next time…a cup of it would have been perfect with a nice salad!)


Chocolate fountain…need I say more?


My dessert plate of banana, strawberries, pineapple and 1 small sliver of angel food cake 🙂 I could have done some major damage here, but tried to restrain myself!

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