Packed Lunch!

 Sorry for the extremely late lunch post!

Traffic horrible out there and I just got back from work. I packed a nice lunch for myself today that included tuna salad (with 1 tbsp light miracle whip and 1 tbsp relish), a serving of stacey’s whole wheat bagel chips, one light string cheese, 4 ounces of yogurt with jam and a small salad that I drizzled with some balsamic vinegar. Of course a piece of chocolate for dessert! I love eating tuna but for some reason it only keeps me full for about 2 hours…I don’t know why! It never really “satisfies” me, but it was all I had in the house for a packed lunch so it worked. A couple hours later I ate my new favorite bar: a KIND fruit and nut bar. These bars are strictly nuts with a little dried fruit throughout. They are 170 calories and really keep me full for awhile. I love them!

Dinner tonight is really special and something I’ve been craving all day so I stopped and bought the ingredients on my way home from work. You will have to wait and see though!



This entire lunch, chocolate included, was about 509 calories.

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