2008!!! Work, Wine and Late Night Snack


Just got home from work and going out for a glass of wine with the boyfriend, my roommate and her boyfriend. It’s 1:00 here and I’m exhausted….but of course I had to make a snack when I got home a few minutes ago of kashi crackers, 1/2 tbsp peanut butter and 1/2 tbsp jam…I was SO hungry because dinner was about 7 hours ago and although I did eat that nut bar at 8, after one glass of wine I realized I was still famished! Some say it’s not very good to eat right before bed but I find that I can’t sleep if I go to bed hungry so I think the best thing to do in situations such as these is to listen to your body…if you are hungry, eat! I did have 1.5 glasses of wine (about, maybe a little less) at the wine bar after work with my friends but that was all I needed…I’m exhausted from being on my feet for 6 hours and am about ready to hit the sack! Oh, forgot to mention that I did eat a slice of the hot bread at our little table at the wine bar after work….it was one of those moments where I was starving and instinctively reached for the bread basket. Oops 😉

Happy 2008!


Late night Kashi Cracker snack 🙂


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