Breaking Out the Lunchbox!

Here comes my late lunch post! Today I packed a nice little lunch for myself to take to work. It included a hummus salad pita (1/4 cup hummus that I bought at the Lebanese restaurant the other day, lettuce, cucumber slices and a few grape tomatoes), 4 ounces of cottage cheese, a half cup of roasted butternut squash (last night I roasted what I didn’t use for my dinner afterwards), an apple and a tiny piece of dark chocolate. I took a new bar I had never tried before for an afternoon snack: Clif Nectar. It was okay…I like Larabars better though, which seem to be about the same thing but have a better texture I think.

I’ve been pretty hungry all day but I account that to just sitting at a desk all day and not really having much to do besides thinking about food/planning menus/writing recipes…ahh! I don’t know what dinner will be..I had a meal planned but now don’t know what I feel like because my throat still is hurting a little and I just want something easy and comforting. We’ll see!




This whole lunch was about 551 calories (including small piece of chocolate)


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