Fully Pampered and Off to Work

Well, my massage was fantastic!!

Now I’m all relaxed and stress-free; too bad I will soon be in a crazy restaurant dealing with Christmas Eve madness! While I was at the spa I nibbled on about 7 almonds and an orange. I also sampled a little bit of a special mung-bean salad when I picked up my dinner to go at the spa cafe. It was a small sample though…probably about 1.5-2 ounces of the salad. Yummy though! I also had a tall skim milk cappuccino from Starbucks. Like I said in my breakfast post, after living in France and drinking the most wonderful cappuccinos in the entire world, I was sorrily disappointed in the ones back here. However, I have found that a Starbuck’s cappuccino is actually quite good. Of course it doesn’t compare to the European cappuccinos…but it’s a good substitute. You take what you can get. Normally I wouldn’t have caffeine so late in the day but I was feeling pretty tired after my nice spa treatment and I know I have a long, crazy night ahead of me. I need my strength! I’m guessing that all my little snacks this afternoon (cappuccino included) totaled about 200 calories. Cappuccinos are much lower in calories that lattes or any other fancy coffee drink because there is very little milk in them. A tall skim milk cappuccino is only 78 calories. I would guess there is only about 2 ounces or so of milk in them. The rest is just espresso and foam. yum 🙂

For dinner I got something on the menu called a “Bento Box” (check out lunchinabox.net to read about bento boxes…there’s a lot to them apparently!). At the spa cafe you could pick from a variety of proteins (I chose the poached atlantic salmon) and then you chose 3 side items. I got a Citrus and Hearts of Palm Salad, Soba Noodle Salad and the Spicy Mung-Bean Salad. They all came packaged separately alongside my salmon—it was so cute! I liked it because I got to sample a little bit of everything and because it was from the spa cafe, it was also pretty healthy (although I couldn’t guess at the exact calorie count I would say the entire meal was maybe 550?).

Now I’m off to work and then I will hopefully get to sit with my parents and order some dessert when I get cut around 10. After dinner/work we are all coming back to the hotel and opening presents, having snacks and drinking champagne. I saw some red pepper hummus, crackers and goat cheese in the fridge but I don’t know how hungry I’ll be around 11 if I just ate a heavy dessert but those are all my favorite snack foods! I’m sure I will have a glass of champagne though!! 🙂

Breakfast is somewhere in the hotel tomorrow (we are staying at the J.W. Marriot/Ritz Carlton so there’s a bunch of really good restaurants!) and I’m sure it will be delectable. I’ll keep you posted!

Have a wonderful night everyone!


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