Pulled Pork Tuesday…coming right up!

Mmmm…my sweet tooth just kicked in and I had a sugar-free Kozy Shack rice pudding (sweetened with splenda…no artificial ingredients in it) and a hot cup of vanilla tea. Now, I’m all set to work on copying tomorrow’s recipes for school. It’s going to be an interesting morning because we are making one of my favorite splurge meals!~~pulled pork! Oh my goodness with the right bbq sauce that stuff is deadly 😉 I usually don’t eat lunch at school (nor do I usually eat a lot of meat in general!) but I may have to have a little more than a taste tomorrow….

Here’s what we are making tomorrow:

Barbeque Baby Back Ribs

Pulled Pork !!

Pork Cutlets

2 regular bbq sauces, one vinegar based and one tomato based (I love vinegar based!)

texas coffee bbq sauce

asian bbq sauce

…..gotta love PORK day. We are also watching a pork slaughtering video along with the hour and a half lecture! I’m going to bring my camera though and try to snap some photos of what I make to show yall.


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  • Cathy
    December 11, 2007 at 9:49 am

    I can’t wait to see the pictures! Thanks for the advise on Paris. I am going to book my trip soon and we are definitely going to stay in the Left Bank, not sure where yet, but the hotel you recommended looks great! We are also looking at the Pantheon as well. Do you know anything about this hotel?
    Have a great time cooking pork today, sounds yummy! Thanks again for posting….you post a lot of information that is so useful! You should post your blog link in the comments on Self’s blog “Eat Like Me”….you will get a lot of visitors then– they would love your blog! 🙂

  • jenna
    December 11, 2007 at 12:33 pm

    I have not heard of the Pantheon hotel. I do know where the actual Pantheon is though and if the hotel is near it (which i’m sure it is), then its in a really nice area. Thats right near where my apartment was and theres lots of little cafes and restaurants there. Everything is so walkable too- thats whats great! I literally ate dessert every single night I was there and had a glass or two of wine every night and managed not to gain a pound…all that walking! I found a yoga studio there too and did yoga as well but its the walking that helps you burn off those calories! And, I was there for 6 weeks! I posted this link in cristin’s blog comments a few days ago..I think it was a day where there weren’t many comments made though so maybe no one looked at it? I do want more readers though!!