Dessert/ Dinner

Ready to Be Healthy Again!

Oh man….tonight I was bad. Really bad. Buuuut… was Christmas!

There was no healthy eating whatsoever and I drank wine AND ate dessert! Like I always say, everything is okay in moderation and I know tomorrow I’ll (hopefully) be right back on the nutrition wagon, but as for tonight I sort of feel a little gluttonous. It started at my house before leaving for Ryan’s. I knew dinner wasn’t until late and so when my family was having their dinner I snacked on some kashi crackers, hummus and goat cheese. And about 3 ounces of red wine. A couple hours later when I finally got dinner I filled my plate….I tried to get a little of everything-not too much of one thing so even though I may look like a huge pig when you see the photo of that plate, know that I did fill the majority of it with salad! I got a few bites of mac n cheese, spinach casserole, broccoli casserole and I only ate about half of my prime rib (not a big meat eater!). I traded that roll you see in the picture to Ryan for his crescent roll (so good) instead. I also drank another large glass of wine with dinner…or I drank what I think would be a large glass because his family kept refilling my glass whenever it got low! After dinner we opened presents then came my true weakness. Dessert. Now, I know I said I wasn’t going to have dessert tonight but who was I kidding? I love dessert. I sampled a little bit of a couple…getting only a couple bites of each one. My favorite was the pumpkin roll with cream cheese frosting. Of course I also tasted the boyfriend’s cheesecake and had a bite of chocolate pecan pie as well. Sigh. Tomorrow’s a new day!

“snack” before dinner-crackers, goat cheese and hummus + glass of wine (not pictured)


Dinner- note that I did swap out this roll for a more delectable crescent roll. + more wine! ahh!


Turned into this once I was through with it…..


And..finally, my true weakness that I can never say no to. Homemade desserts. This is a little bit of everything! Pumpkin roll, amaretto-almond cake, small bite of chocolate-pecan pie and of course homemade whipped cream.


My proud moment: I CARVED THIS!!!! My culinary education IS paying off! 🙂


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