Southwestern Sweet Potato Breakfast Skillet

Sometimes, really good things happen when you just throw everything you have in your fridge, in your skillet.

You know what I’m talking about? Sure you do.

It’s like a science fair project…it either works out beautifully or it totally crashes and burns. Guys, I have to say that this science fair project was an A+.

I made this a few days ago, before embarking on my Midwestern journey, because I wanted to use up some previously cooked cuban black beans and had *forgotten* about the classic impulse buy you see below. And yes, I’m totally that person who is willing to pay $4.99 for previously peeled and sliced sweet potatoes when I could have just gotten a regular ol’ potato for a dollar. Yikes.

There’s not much more I can say about this other than MAKE IT TODAY. It really was so delicious. The combination of the black beans, roasted corn, sweet potatoes, cheese and fried eggs was spot on. I like to call meals like this garbage disposal meals and bonus!!!! this one was actually healthy to boot.

Happy Monday! If I could have you all over for breakfast, I totally would.

Southwestern Sweet Potato Breakfast Skillet

serves 3-4

Print this recipe!


1 tbsp olive oil

1/2 yellow onion, diced

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 tsp cumin

2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped

1/2 cup frozen roasted corn (or just regular frozen corn)

1 cup black beans, canned or homemade

1 jalapeno, seeded and diced

3/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (optional but very tasty!)

1/2 cup shredded monterey jack cheese

3 eggs

hot sauce for serving


Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Add the onion and saute for about six minutes until tender. Add garlic, jalapeno and frozen corn and continue to saute for another four minutes. Add cumin and toss well.

Add sweet potatoes and black beans, then reduce heat to low, cover skillet and let cook for about 20-25 minutes until sweet potatoes are tender. Check every five minutes or so to make sure the potatoes aren’t sticking to the bottom of the pan. You can add a little water if mixture seems too dry.

Preheat broiler.

Add cayenne pepper and salt to sweet potato mixture then add cheese and stir over low heat until all the cheese has melted. Crack three eggs on top of mixture then transfer to the oven and broil on high for 3-5 minutes until eggs are cooked through.

Serve with hot sauce!


1 hour

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  • Lauren @ Healthy Food For Living
    December 12, 2011 at 3:57 am

    This looks fantastic! I love sweet potatoes and black beans together, and adding eggs to the party is a great idea… this will definitely be on our “breakfast-for-dinner” menu sometime soon.

  • Janna
    December 12, 2011 at 4:00 am

    Breakfast skillet anything is pretty much amazing.

  • mary (sisters running the kitchen)
    December 12, 2011 at 4:09 am

    this sounds and looks awesome! i just made a similar dish with tomatoes and chickpeas last week, . But I am loving this version with the sweet potatoes, black beans, and fried eggs!

  • chelsey @ clean eating chelsey
    December 12, 2011 at 4:10 am

    I don’t eat eggs, but I’m reconsidering that decision right now.

  • Emmy (Wine and Butter)
    December 12, 2011 at 4:10 am

    I love anything to do with sweet potatoes and black beans together. I’ve made amazing enchiladas with that combo, but I really like the idea of also having them for breakfast. So yummy looking!

  • Blog is the New Black
    December 12, 2011 at 4:12 am

    Oooooh, want want want!

  • Amanda
    December 12, 2011 at 4:38 am

    I’m actually visiting Tucson right now, eating as much southwest food as I can…this recipe will definitely join my list of things to make when I get home!

  • Heather (Heather's Dish)
    December 12, 2011 at 5:03 am

    this sounds so delicious…makes me want to get up early tomorrow and make it before work!

  • Evan
    December 12, 2011 at 5:22 am

    ooooh potato breakfast skillets are my weakness – especially after too many drinks the night before πŸ™‚ This looks like a make-for-your-boyfriend kind of meal!

  • katie @KatieDid
    December 12, 2011 at 5:26 am

    Now that’s my kind of breakfast! I love hearty, savory breakfasts SO much. I can skip the pancakes and muffins, but please serve me up a portion of this. And I absolutely love black beans and sweet potats together, I’ve been going that combo for a while!

  • Amanda
    December 12, 2011 at 5:26 am

    I’m the same way with butternut squash – I will pay the extra to have someone else do the prep work. I’m terrible at peeling those things!

  • Steffany
    December 12, 2011 at 5:36 am


  • Lauren @ What Lauren Likes
    December 12, 2011 at 5:45 am

    Yum! I love all the colour! Looks great πŸ˜€

  • Jacky
    December 12, 2011 at 5:45 am

    Friday clean-out cooking, I love it. This looks ridiculously delicious!

  • Kristen @ Popcorn on the Stove
    December 12, 2011 at 5:46 am

    This looks awesome! I love anything with sweet potatoes, corn, or black beans so this is pretty much an all around winner. It’s totally okay to eat breakfast for dinner, right??

  • Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga
    December 12, 2011 at 5:47 am

    I love clean out the fridge meals and this one was a winner, indeed.

    And I am always impressed that your hot food is photographed hot and then eaten hot, or you make it look that way at least. I know that great pics don’t just “happen” and I know you put time and thought into them and into your staging…so thanks for eating what were possibly cold eggs in order to get these pics πŸ™‚

  • Jessica @Hermoves
    December 12, 2011 at 6:23 am

    OMG that looks amazing! Perfect for the cold weather too! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely giving this recipe a try!

  • Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat
    December 12, 2011 at 6:40 am

    LOL! I had to laugh about that bag of sweet potatoes because I’ve totally done the same thing with peeled butternut squash. Sometimes food is just better when someone else chops it for you – not to mention more convenient!

  • Lisa @ Life in Green
    December 12, 2011 at 6:46 am

    I would give about anything for this breakfast skillet right now!

  • Gina @ Running to the Kitchen
    December 12, 2011 at 6:55 am

    Those eggs are the perfect “runny-ness.” <3

  • Hilliary @Happily Ever Healthy
    December 12, 2011 at 7:11 am

    This sounds delicious!

  • Katrina
    December 12, 2011 at 7:19 am

    This sounds awesome! Love a skillet breaky.

  • amy walters, aDESIGNdock
    December 12, 2011 at 7:29 am

    My dad loves egg skillet creations! They are always so delicious! This recipe so reminds me of him! Love it.

  • Kristen @ Chocolate Covered Kristen
    December 12, 2011 at 7:45 am

    I do the same thing – sometimes, at 7pm on a Wednesday when you just want to throw it in the pan and eat, convenience is worth the $. This looks delicious! It would make an awesome burrito filling.

  • Liz @ Tip Top Shape
    December 12, 2011 at 9:08 am

    I always want to buy the precut stuff but I can just hear my dad’s voice telling me that the price markup is ridiculous. I have to avert my eyes every time I pass the precut fruits at Whole Foods. lol

    As for the recipe–brilliant, per usual.

  • Joelle (on a pink typewriter)
    December 12, 2011 at 9:14 am

    This is TOTALLY my kind of meal.. Can’t wait to make it.. And I totally do that same thing to, and then ask myself as I’m checking out why I’m so lazy I can’t peel and chop my own potatoes. πŸ˜‰ It’s just such a pain in the butt to peel potatoes though!

  • Deanna B.
    December 12, 2011 at 9:20 am

    Looks delicious! I made some skillet sweet potatoes a few weeks ago, but I used smoked paprika. I love the addition of beans but I never would have thought of it for breakfast.

  • Moni'sMeals
    December 12, 2011 at 9:34 am

    wow! I am so glad you threw in a jalapeno pepper too! Never too much heat for me. πŸ™‚ this is very unique and not something you see everyday! Well done.

  • Skinny Fat Kid
    December 12, 2011 at 9:42 am

    This looks so good! We eat a lot of sweet potatoes and I was buying them by the box. But I”m oh so tempted to get the pre-cut ones. Definitely for a breakfast meal! Too hard to work too much in the morning…

  • Molly@RDexposed
    December 12, 2011 at 10:19 am

    I’d like this for a dinner!
    PS I’m living seeing all your Midwest pictures on Twitter! I’m in Northern Illinios so Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee are my stomping grounds.

  • Laura @ She Eats Well
    December 12, 2011 at 10:40 am

    This looks SO yummy. I am not a big white potato fan…but LOVE me some sweet potatoes. That first picture is absolutely beautiful and is totally making my mouth water.

  • Ruth
    December 12, 2011 at 11:08 am

    Oh those flavours sound great together – I must bookmark this….

  • Meghan @ Struggle Muffins
    December 12, 2011 at 11:31 am


    I love messy ‘throw together’ meals. Especially if black beans and sweet taters are involved. Mmmm.

  • Andrea @ The Skinny Chronicles
    December 12, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    I tried this approach (throw everything in your fridge in a skillet) last night for dinner with a vegetable soup and it didn’t really work out well. Too much Chinese five spice, I think. Your assemblage looks much better.

  • Ashley @ Practical Cooking For One
    December 12, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    Oh wow, this looks creamy, pretty, healthy and just so yummy! I love anything with sweet potato, but I would definitely go the cheaper route and buy a whole one for $1 πŸ™‚

    Maybe I’ll reduce the quantities and put something like this on my blog, with credit to you of course!

  • Michelle
    December 12, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    Wish you posted this last week! I just highlighted sweet potatoes as a healthy ingredient on my blog and linked to good recipes around the blog world… and this looks like a damn good recipe!

  • Hilary
    December 12, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    I made this for dinner and it was amazingggg!!!! I added chopped tomato at the end and swapped kidney beans for black ones cause I made them on hand!

  • Mel @ Post Grad Mel
    December 12, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    Oh gosh, this looks delicious! “Garbage disposal” meals are my favorite, I love the way ingredients meld together. And no shame in your $4.99 sweet potato bag, I’ve got a similar looking Trader Joe’s one in my fridge as well!

  • Lacey @ Lake Life
    December 12, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    THANK YOU for posting this! I have some of your Cuban Black Beans in my freezer that I’ve been meaning to use up. I can’t wait to make a Southwestern Sweet Potato garbage plate πŸ™‚

  • Dee
    December 12, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    Lol, I would totally pay the $4.99 too! In fact, I think I have. Ha.

  • Vicki
    December 12, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    ohhhh… my man is gonna LOVE this. and me too.

  • MacKensie Gibson
    December 12, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    You inspired me. This looked SO delicious that I made it myself, except with red potatoes because we didn’t have any sweet potatoes. It is AMAZING! I will definitely blog about it at soon & give you full credit. πŸ™‚ Thanks!



  • Deborah
    December 12, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    I love absolutely everything about this!!

  • Charise
    December 13, 2011 at 7:51 am

    I love doing random bean + potato + veggie + fried egg combos with leftovers. Yum, looks good!

  • Jamie (Thrifty Veggie Mama)
    December 13, 2011 at 11:03 am

    This looks so delicious. We have breakfast for dinner once a week and this would be perfect.

  • Cassy
    December 16, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    Hello! I bought the same sweet potato bag from trader joes and was wondering if you used the whole bag or just part of it? Thank you!

    • jenna
      December 16, 2011 at 4:11 pm

      I used about half!

  • Linzay @ brokerunner
    December 19, 2011 at 11:36 am

    I am definitely making this for dinner tonight and then tomorrow and then the next day…

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  • Aleta
    March 17, 2012 at 11:06 am

    I made this dish using leftover roasted sweet potato, regular potato, and onion. It was delicious. The only thing that could make it better is guacamole. Mmmmm. Guacamole.

  • Katia LaManna
    August 5, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Just served this up for dinner tonight…. all I can say is WOW…… a nice healthy way to end the weekend! Will definitely be having this again….

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  • Staci White
    December 25, 2012 at 4:09 am

    Wow, I am making this right now for Christmas breakfast. I think it is the start of a new tradition….. Thank you!

  • Norma
    January 16, 2013 at 8:44 am

    Made this yesterday. So wonderful….will make it again soon

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  • Carla
    March 10, 2015 at 5:06 pm

    YUM!! Just prepared this for this weeks breakfast!! I added 1 lb of sausage and a little fennel seed. Now I have a wonderful and filling breakfast ready to go for my husband and me! Thanks for the recipe!

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  • Tracy
    October 6, 2017 at 8:58 am

    Living on a boat for the next few months and this is a perfect breakfast or lunch !! I added spicy chilli powder instead of cayenne, and a dash of sugar to keep the acid down. Thank you for sharing !! I needed something easy to make while traveling πŸ˜‰

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  • April Knight
    January 5, 2020 at 8:50 am

    Sounds yammy!! I like recipe!)
    Try one of my favourite – Baked potato
    Will be good with Vegan ranch sauce!!) Try)