So…what’s for lunch?

I had a busy morning at school today. It was pork day and we made pork cutlets, baby back ribs and pulled pork with four different types of bbq sauces. In the middle of the day we had to watch a video on pork slaughter houses, which I reallyyy did not like that much. As a former vegetarian, I really don’t like to watch the killing of animals. I eat them, but I  don’t always like to see the process behind it all! Oh well, it’s culinary school and I really didn’t have a choice. I  did end up eating lunch at school today just because I loove pulled pork and never really get to eat it unless I’m at a football tailgate or something. And, the bbq sauces turned out amazing! I also snacked on 7 almonds at around 9:30. A little smaller than my normal snack of almonds + fiber one cereal, but my oatmeal held me over pretty well and I knew I would be having a little more fattening of a lunch at 11:30.

So, here was my lunch:


I ate a little more than half of the bread (which I dotted with some homemade garlic butter…the rest of the class liberally poured it onto their pieces so I felt pretty healthy there), all of the pork and all of the pickles. One of the sauces there is an spicy/sweet Asian bbq sauce and the other is the one that I personally made, an apple cider based sauce. I liked the one that I made the best! It turned out perfect—sweet with a kick.  I’m estimating that this lunch was about 400 calories or so…maybe a little more. Pulled pork usually is not that caloric per ounce—its usually only 90 calories per 2 ounce serving, but I’m guessing I ate more like 3 ounces. The pickles were not bad at all (about 6 cal. per pickle slice) and, well, the bread was a splurge because I never eat white bread….or garlic butter for that matter…but I didn’t eat the whole thing and I would rather have some sort of carb to balance out the meat on my plate. I’m going to eat some fresh fruit and maybe some yogurt later as a snack to balance things out. This is def. not my normal lunch though!!! But it was SO good!!!

Here’s some more photos of school this morning:


The kitchen that my Meat Fabrication class is in. This is all set up for the Chef’s demo.


Time line of what’s happening during the day. I wrote this when I got there this morning…I usually end up writing this every morning since I have the best handwriting out of most of the guys in my class 🙂


Haha…this is the large piece of pork each team was given to work with this morning. I used a saw to cut it into baby back ribs and cutlets. lovely, right?

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