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Winter Bread Baking

Nothing better than baking bread on a chilly winter day as I warm myself up for my Baking 1 class that begins on Monday (SO excited)! This morning I worked out at my apartment gym, doing about 30 minutes of weight lifting including push ups, resistance machines and crunches. It felt good to sweat since I didn’t get a workout in yesterday! After my workout I ate a kiwi as a light snack and worked on my Olive Oil Foccacia that I let rise on a warm oven while I was at the gym. I am using a recipe from Tess Kiros’ Apples for Jam (HIGHLY recommend searching this one out!!) and I have made several modifications because the dough initially was WAY too dry. Does anyone know what 1 cake fresh yeast equals? I couldn’t find fresh yeast at my grocery store so I just used a packet of dry yeast. The dough rose very nicely still but I wasn’t sure about the conversion since the author of this cookbook lives in Italy. Now, my dough is all pressed out onto a greased baking sheet and I’m letting it have a second rise on the oven for 45 minutes. After that I’m going to brush it with an olive oil/water/salt mixture and pop it in the oven so I can have it hot for lunch with my soup! 🙂 I’ll keep you updated…


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