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Quick Thinking

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday 🙂

I was fiddling around with my camera after I ate breakfast this morning and accidentally deleted my photo from breakfast! Ah! No worries though because I did a reenactment:


I made these with water and added about a tbsp of sliced, toasted almonds to the bowl when they were done. Really tasty! I think I burned myself out of these when I was in college because I ate these oatmeal packets all the time.  But, two years has gone by and now I can eat them again. You can’t beat them in terms of convenience and the fact that two of these serve you up a whopping 18 grams of protein.  These would be great to bring along in your purse for a midafternoon snack if you are near a microwave. I got these actually to take to work with me next week for snacks!

After breakfast, Ryan and I went to the upstairs gym for cardio. I did 30 minutes on the precor machine while watching Super Troopers on TV.

The concert isn’t til 7:00 and our friends are picking us up at 4:00. I think we are going to have lunch at my parent’s house then hang around the apartment for the rest of the day until its Snoop time ;). We are picking up pita pit to take and tailgate with for dinner—my favorite!

See you in a bit!

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